Nate and Rodes Great Escape

Once upon a time, there was a brave boy named Nate who loved to skate. He had a pet toad, named Rode, and they lived in a cosy abode. One day, Nate found a crate. Inside, was a slate with a mysterious note. It was a clue to a secret treasure trove. Nate felt elate! "Rode, let's navigate," Nate said, putting on his coat. They followed the clue, feeling the thrill of the chase. They went past a gate and by a moat. There, they found a boat, with another crate. "Let's investigate," Nate said, and they opened it to find a beautiful jade plate. "Oh, what a fortunate fate!" Nate exclaimed. They celebrated with chocolate cake, which Rode ate, and they played until it was late. Their adventure was truly great!

Answer these questions:

  1. Who is the main character of the story?
  2. What did Nate find inside the crate?
  3. What did Nate and Rode find inside the second crate?
  4. What did Nate and Rode celebrate with?
  5. What word describes Nate's feeling when he found the clue?

On one side, write the words ending with ode and the other side, write the words ending with ate

ode ate

Write a story of your own called 'Nate and Rodes Great Escape'