Monkey Day Fun

In a park, full of mirth, lived a monkey named Kirk. Kirk loved to lurk, behind big rocks, peeking out with a little smirk. One day, Kirk met Rick, a quick, slick chick. Rick was thick, with feathers not like stick, and his chirp was loud, not a soft click. Kirk was taken aback, but didn't give Rick any flack. Instead, he invited Rick for a snack. They munched on a brick of dates, sat by a babbling brook that irked Kirk's mate, Mark. Mark was a lark who loved to embark on adventures at the crack of dawn. Mark, Rick, and Kirk, under the twinkling stars, played in the park till it was stark. Their laughter echoed in the dark, a perfect end to their Monkey Day lark.

Answer these questions:

1. What did Kirk like to do behind big rocks in the park? 2. Who did Kirk meet one day in the park? 3. How did Rick's feathers feel compared to sticks? 4. What did Kirk and Rick eat for a snack? 5. Who else joined Kirk and Rick to play in the park?

On one side, write the words ending with irk and the other side, write the words ending with ick

irk ick

Write a story of your own called 'Monkey Day Fun'