Mabel and the Black Friday Delight

In the thick of the night, little Mabel was awake. She was excited about the big Black Friday sale at the sock shop, right in her town. She had her list – a blue sock, a red sock, a green clock, and a shiny night light. Mabel, with her cockerel, docked her small bike at the shop just as the first light hit the sky. The shop was a sight! Mabel's eyes lit up as she picked a pair of white socks with spots, and a little bright night light that looked just right. Suddenly, Mabel spotted a rock. On top of it was an old clock. It was ticking, tock-tock, without a stop. Mabel thought, "What a find!" and added it to her shopping dock. Mabel, the cockerel, and the clock, all rode home in the morning light, excited to show off their Black Friday delight.

Answer these questions:

  1. What was Mabel excited about?
  2. What items were on Mabel's list?
  3. What did Mabel pick from the sock shop?
  4. What did Mabel find on top of a rock?
  5. How did Mabel and her friends go home?

On one side, write the words ending with ight and the other side, write the words ending with ock

ight ock

Write a story of your own called 'Mabel and the Black Friday Delight'