Sam and Clare's Eerie Lair

In a dark, damp lair, Sam, a hare, began to prepare. His stare was scary, but his aim was to share, not to scare. He had a pan, a plan, and a clam. He made a jam, oh so glam, all in the name of Sam. With a glare, he woke Clare, a bear. She had flair and didn’t care for a dare. "I dare to share!" she declared. Bizarre, a jar on the bar. It was Sam's deviled jam, so rare. Clare took a spare, gave a stare, and whispered, "Beware!" Sam, with care, took a pair. "We are fair," he said with a stare. In the lair, all aware, Sam and Clare continued to prepare their deviled fare. The end was near, but do not fear, the deviled jam was clear. Sam and Clare, under the glare, found the cheer in their eerie lair.

Answer these questions:

  1. What did Sam have in his lair?
  2. What did Sam make with the pan and clam?
  3. Who did Sam wake up in the story?
  4. What did Clare think about sharing?
  5. What did Sam and Clare prepare in their lair?

On one side, write the words ending with am and the other side, write the words ending with are

am are

Write a story of your own called 'Sam and Clare's Eerie Lair'