Sal and Als Magical Winter Adventure

In a small, frosty town, there was a little girl named Sal. She had a pal, a playful seal named Al. Al loved to slide on his tail, leaving a shiny trail in the fresh snowfall. Every winter, Sal and Al would play ball in the chilly hall, their giggles echoing off the icy walls. Sal would wear her thick shawl, and Al would balance the ball on his nose with no fall. One day, a small whiff of crispness filled the air. It was Iris, the magical snow fairy. She had a blissful smile and a twinkling dress that made Sal and Al halt and stare. "Iris, your dress is like a crystal!" Sal said with a gasp. Iris gave a gentle laugh and with a swish of her wand, she added a sparkle to the winter night. Sal, Al, and Iris then played under the magical light until the moon was out of sight.

Answer these questions:

  1. What is the name of the little girl in the story?
  2. Who is Sal's playful friend?
  3. What did Al love to do in the fresh snowfall?
  4. Who added a sparkle to the winter night?
  5. What did Sal, Al, and Iris do under the magical light?

On one side, write the words ending with al and the other side, write the words ending with is

al is

Write a story of your own called 'Sal and Als Magical Winter Adventure'