Cain's Vinegar Adventure

In a small town, lived a boy called Cain. Cain had a lovely plain brain, full of ideas to gain. He loved to play in sun and rain, but one question gave him a pain. "How is vinegar made?" He asked again and again. One day, he met Jade, a lady with a cane. "It's simple," she explained, "grain is left to age and stain, then it turns into a tart bane." Cain, with his brain, thought of a plan to make vinegar. He worked in the heat and the cold, until he found the perfect mode. He chose the right grain, and let it stain. He waited in hope and rode the wave of patience. And then, the grain turned into a tart bane, just like Jade had explained. In the end, Cain became the vinegar king, and his name spread far and wide in ode. His success did not fade, and Jade was proud as he rode the wave of fame. Cain's vinegar, everyone craved, and the town was never the same. "Remember," Cain said, with a face full of glee, "Every gain comes with some pain. Just keep your brain in the right mode, and you'll never be a lonesome toad."

Answer these questions:

1. How did Cain feel about playing in the sun and rain? 2. What question did Cain keep asking Jade? 3. How did Jade explain how vinegar is made? 4. What did Cain do to make his own vinegar? 5. How did Cain become famous in the town?

On one side, write the words ending with ain and the other side, write the words ending with ode

ain ode

Write a story of your own called 'Cain's Vinegar Adventure'