Literacy, Numeracy, Science

Subjects covered: Literacy, Numeracy, Science
Activities: Exploring the theme of School through various hands-on activities
Resources: Books, pencils, paper, counting objects, magnifying glasses, charts, pictures
Differentiation: Providing different levels of support and challenge based on individual needs
Literacy Numeracy Science
Activity 1:
  • Create a class book about the school
  • Encourage students to write or draw their experiences
  • Count the number of students in the class
  • Count and sort school supplies
  • Observe and describe the school environment
  • Identify different types of classrooms
Activity 2:
  • Read a story about going to school
  • Discuss what happens in the story
  • Practice counting using school-related objects
  • Match numerals to the correct quantity
  • Explore different materials used in the school
  • Compare the properties of materials
Activity 3:
  • Write a list of things needed for school
  • Practice letter formation and handwriting
  • Create patterns using school supplies
  • Count and compare the length of different objects
  • Investigate the sounds in the school environment
  • Explore how sound travels
Activity 4:
  • Play a rhyming word game related to school
  • Identify and match initial sounds
  • Sort objects based on their shape
  • Introduce basic addition and subtraction using school objects
  • Explore the concept of light and shadow in the school
  • Investigate how shadows change throughout the day

Arts Subjects

Subjects covered




Visual Arts

  • Draw and paint self-portraits
  • Create collages using different materials
  • Paper, crayons, paint, brushes
  • Scissors, glue, magazines
  • Provide extra support for students who may struggle with fine motor skills
  • Encourage creativity and self-expression for students who may be more advanced


  • Learn and sing school-related songs
  • Play musical instruments to create rhythms
  • Song lyrics, audio recordings
  • Various musical instruments (e.g., tambourines, drums)
  • Provide visual aids for students who may struggle with memorizing lyrics
  • Challenge students to create their own rhythms using different instruments


  • Act out different roles in a school play
  • Create and perform short skits about school life
  • Dress-up clothes, props
  • Imaginary play area
  • Adapt roles according to students' abilities and interests
  • Provide extra support for students who may be shy or less confident


  • Learn and perform simple dance routines related to school activities
  • Create movements to represent different school subjects
  • Open space for movement
  • Music for dance routines
  • Provide visual cues for students who may struggle with remembering dance steps
  • Encourage students to express themselves through their own movements

Station Ideas

School Stations

  • Reading Corner
  • Writing Center
  • Art Station
  • Math Manipulatives
  • Dramatic Play Area
  • Science Exploration Table
  • Construction Zone
  • Sensory Table
  • Computer Station
  • Music and Movement Area

Story Time

Once Upon a Time at School

One sunny morning, a group of excited children gathered outside their school. They were all ready for a day filled with fun and learning.

The teacher, Miss Lily, greeted each student with a warm smile. She led them into the classroom, which was bright and colorful, filled with books, toys, and art supplies.

The children found their seats and listened eagerly as Miss Lily started the day with a story. She told them about a magical land where animals could talk and trees could dance.

The children's eyes sparkled with excitement as they imagined this wonderful place. They couldn't wait to learn more about it.

Next, Miss Lily taught the children their ABCs. They sang along, clapping their hands and stomping their feet with each letter. They laughed as they made funny sounds and tried to think of words that started with each letter.

After the alphabet song, it was time for math. Miss Lily brought out colorful blocks and asked the children to count them. They carefully counted each block and proudly announced their answers.

Then, it was time for recess. The children quickly put away their toys and headed outside. They played on the swings, climbed on the jungle gym, and ran around the field, laughing and shouting with joy.

When recess was over, the children returned to the classroom. Miss Lily introduced them to a new friend, Mr. Snuggle the teddy bear. Mr. Snuggle had a special job - he would be the class helper for the day.

Mr. Snuggle sat on a chair, and the children took turns asking him questions and telling him stories. They treated him like a real friend, even though he was just a stuffed toy.

After lunch, it was time for art class. The children put on smocks and sat at their colorful tables. Miss Lily gave each child a blank piece of paper and a box of crayons.

With their imaginations running wild, the children drew beautiful pictures. Some drew their families, others drew their favorite animals, and a few even drew pictures of the magical land from Miss Lily's story.

As the day came to an end, Miss Lily gathered the children in a circle. They held hands and closed their eyes. Miss Lily asked them to think about their favorite part of the day.

One by one, the children shared their favorite moments - playing outside, singing the ABCs, meeting Mr. Snuggle, and creating colorful art.

Miss Lily smiled at her happy students. She knew that each day at school was a chance for them to learn, grow, and make wonderful memories.

With a final goodbye, the children waved to Miss Lily and headed home, excited to return tomorrow for another day of fun and learning at school.