All about Michael Collins

Michael Collins was an important person in history who lived a long time ago. He was born in Ireland in 1890 and grew up to become a brave leader in the fight for Irish independence. Michael Collins played a key role in the Irish War of Independence and was a skilled military strategist. Collins was known for his intelligence and determination. He helped to organize the Irish Republican Army (IRA) and led many important missions against the British forces. He was also involved in negotiating the Anglo-Irish Treaty, which led to the creation of the Irish Free State. Sadly, Michael Collins passed away at a young age in 1922 during a conflict with anti-treaty forces. Despite his short life, he made a lasting impact on Ireland's history and is remembered as a hero by many people. In summary, Michael Collins was a brave and determined leader who fought for Ireland's independence and played a crucial role in shaping the country's future.

  1. Who was Michael Collins?
  2. What role did Michael Collins play in the Irish War of Independence?
  3. Why is Michael Collins remembered as a hero?
  4. How did Michael Collins contribute to the creation of the Irish Free State?
  5. Do you think Michael Collins' impact on Ireland's history was positive? Why or why not?

A Visit to Ireland

Hi, my name is Hannah and I am 8 years old. I recently went on a super cool trip to Ireland, and I just have to tell you all about it! Ireland is such a beautiful country with so much history. One of the places I visited was a museum dedicated to Michael Collins, who was a very important figure in Irish history.

  1. What do you think made Michael Collins famous?
  2. How do you think visiting a place related to historical figures like Michael Collins can help us learn more about history?
  3. Can you name any other historical figures who have made a significant impact on their country like Michael Collins?
  4. What do you think was the most interesting thing you learned about Michael Collins during your visit?
  5. How do you think Michael Collins' actions have influenced Ireland today?

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Your Turn...

After learning all about Michael Collins, your job is to create a timeline of their life. You should add all the important events in their life but you can be inventive and add some interesting things that people might like to read about. You can make it as simply as you like with pen and paper or you can be very inventive and create a 3D diorama or hanging banner. The sky's the limit - go for it!
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